Technically, the fuel tank replacement, trunk painting & tail panel black out treatment were done as one continuous phase, but didn't want to load so many pictures on one page.

This is a stock image of what I was going for...this was a factory option (mostly for the 'Cuda & AAR models)

How my tail panel used to look

I won't make you scroll all the way down...this is how it turned out

...and the fun begins!

Remove rubber seal, lights, license plate, etc.

Sanding down, roughing up paint / exposing rust hole from previous shoddy repair by others

More sanding and smoothing body panel

POR-15 on rusted/prone to rust areas

Throwing (some literally) body filler on holes/imperfections

First coat (also sort of a guide coat) of self-etching primer

More sanding as well as several coats of high build primer

....uuughhh, more sanding (I suck at this)

3 coats of self-etching primer

Getting ready for painting....taped over future "blacked out" area

3 Coats of base color (1990 ZR-1 Corvette "Competition Yellow" color) ...a Chevy color on a Mopar??? The horrors!!!!!

3 Coats of catalyzed clear

After even more sanding...prepping for the actual tail panel

One more final coat of etching primer

A few coats of high build primer

3 coats of black Organosol paint...leaves a semi-rough texture, just like the factory option

Taking off all the tape....

Installing the trim which covers the transition between the two colors

New Fuel tank is in plus underside/exhaust is painted

Re-installing the bumper

Re-installing the lower valance, name plate, rubber seal & trunk lock

Re-install the lights

...license plate holder

...license plate

Reattach wiring and light bulbs

Trunk closed...or should I say, "project closed"?

Reminder of how it looked before

WHAT??? You actually scrolled down this far? Well heck, here are a few more misc. photos

Don't you just love rust?

The only way to get into all the crevices

Lights alone took 8-10 hours to refurbish

POR-15 on rust areas of bumper

Back side of valence

Clear POR-15 on back side of valence...after cleaning/brushing of course

After 4 weeks on ramps, finally drove it down and re-parked in garage

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