How it looked in August 2014...right before I started:

From 10-12 feet away, it looked okay

I re-clear coated in 2012, but it was just a temporary solution until I repainted

I changed the color to a less common Porsche color, Ruby Red Metallic


...and the fun begins !!!

Sanding, sanding, sanding and more sanding...

I had to eventually peel the paint off the front bumper with a feeler gauge (piece-by-tiny-piece) to avoid damaging the rubber with a sander

                                                        Her "rear" is not so sexy without her pantie on, right?

                                                                                 Nor without her bra...

                                         This part took forever, due to the many curves & angles...all mostly by hand

The white patches you see below, have to be 100% sanded out (that is old clear coat)

I tried to use minimal [flexible] filler

                                Taking the trim off was a chore...many, many hours spent to avoid damage

Removal of all the numerous plastic body moldings. You have to use a heat gun (careful not to melt/warp plastic). Then you have to remove the glue (3M double stick tape residue) from the back side and also the body panels.

           Did I mention "sand and more sanding"? Some areas had 6 coats of clear & 3 coats of color, before hitting                    the original factory color base coat.

Starting the taping and cleaning

    Some areas required almost sanding to the factory primer totally...and being careful to not sand thru to aluminium

                                                                                Primer/sealer stage

     The only picture I remembered to take after block sanding/leveling the primer...this phase alone was over 80 hours

                                             Right after paint and clear coat...color is still curing (very dark)

               The paint (base coat) alone was $980 for one gallon!!!  Plus the primer, clear coat, reducer, hardener, etc.

      Look at the ceiling light reflecting in the paint...shows the "orange peel" I'll need to color sand for next 3-4 weeks

                                     The color sanding begins [door shows "after" 2000 grit sanding]...what a joyous job!

A medium size section takes 8-12 hours. You start by sanding with 1000 or 1500 grit, then sand with *2000 grit (*if needed) then finish sanding with 3000 grit. Then you buff with compound, then swirl remover, then polish...then finish buffing w/glaze or ultra polish. You have to wait on waxing until paint cures (can be 4-12 weeks).

   You also can't sand too much, otherwise you remove the UV protectant in the clear coat, that percolates to the top.

    ...and of course, you have to watch all the angles and edges, so as to not sand thru to base coat.

                                     ...but the results are worth it !      (starting wet sanding on passenger side below)

                                                                          Color sanding / buffing continued...

                                                            Sanding then painting all the trim pieces

                                                         Front assembly with new rubber seal/trim

                                                                                        New "rear lettering"

                                                                            Reinstalling the side mirrors

                                                          Prepping for repaint of headlight bases

                                            Sand and paint door locks...will this project ever end???  :-) 

                                                            Cleaning and dying all the soft trim, seals, plastic, etc.

                                                             Cleaning and dying all wheel well linings

                                                              Cleaning and dying all interior door trim

                                                            Prepping for repaint of door panels and door jambs

                                                                                  ...after "color" (base coat)

                                                                                        ...after clear coat

                                                      Painting the new rear spoiler (fiberglass vs. hard rubber)

                                                                                   Spoiler mounted

                               Installing new rubber seals for windows and reinstalling window trim

                                                    Prepping for repaint of front, engine compartment

                                  DONE !!!!    8-months of long grueling work!  The pay-off was worth it though...

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