Corvette “Done” List from Feb. 2016 thru Nov. 2016


1) Use rubbing compound, then polish, then glaze, then wax the entire exterior paint finish w/DA polisher…touch up chips

2) Replaced fuel tank sending unit

3) Replaced fuel filler rubber surround & rubber overflow hose

4) Replaced blinker/reverse/stop/parking lamps with LED…added anti-hyper blink relay for blinker LED’s

5) Replaced dash and center gauge console backlights w/(11) LED

6) Replaced interior lights with LED

7) Shampooed the carpet front and back

8) Replaced top of dash (cracked)

9) Replaced left front speaker grill

10) Conditioned the leather over 2 month period

11) Replaced the fuel gauge

12) Replaced the oil pressure gauge

13) Replaced the oil sending unit

14) Added gauge and center console wood overlay

15) Added white gauge kit/overlay…painted gauge needles orange

16) Painted black trim around front window

17) Painted black trim around back window

18) Painted bottom black side skirts

19) Replaced interior door sill kick plates

20) Replaced upper/lower driver’s door hinge/bushings

21) Replaced both door seals

22) Replaced left/right window seals between windshield pillar and door windows

23) Replaced both T-Top seals

24) Installed “removable” sunblock shields on both T-Tops

25) Installed new CD/Receiver with Bluetooth and USB

26) Replaced cracked clear lens on a/c control

27) Replaced a/c compressor

28) Replaced a/c drier and orifice tube

29) Flushed a/c system and refilled

30) Replaced a/c blower fan with larger C4 style

31) Replaced a/c heater/blower relay

32) Replaced a/c belt, fan belt and alternator-power steering belt

33) Replaced upper radiator hose and sleeved in stainless steel braid w/AN style hose fittings

34) Replaced lower radiator hose and sleeved in stainless steel braid w/AN style hose fittings

35) Replaced all heater hoses and sleeved in stainless steel braid w/AN style hose fittings

36) Replaced headlight vacuum hoses and cleaned/lubricated actuators

37) Replaced distributor cap and rotor

38) Replaced spark plugs

39) Cleaned and routed nicer the spark plug wires/installed new separators

40) Replaced water temperature sensor and installed heat resistant silicone tubing on the wire

41) Replaced the oil temperature sending unit

42) Oil changed twice with new filters

43) Replaced air cleaner and added cool air intake styled unit

44) Replaced valve covers and gaskets

45) Replaced valve cover breather

46) Removed exterior rust from brake fluid reservoir & painted

47) Added chrome brake fluid reservoir cover

48) Replaced windshield washer bottle & hoses/added chrome cap

49) Replaced windshield wiper motor

50) Removed and cleaned radiator overflow bottle

51) Replaced radiator overflow hose and sleeved in stainless steel braid w/AN styled fittings

52) Flushed radiator and heater core

54) Wire loomed entire engine compartment area

55) Replaced thermostat housing…slight leak at O-ring

56) Added relay to turn on emergency electric radiator fan when a/c is engaged…to help w/ac cooling in traffic

57) Repainted engine

58) Cleaned intake manifold with Dremel brushes then treated

59) Replaced intake manifold bolts and applied bolt sealant

60) Replaced engine vacuum lines and sleeved most in stainless steel braid w/AN styled fittings

61) Replaced fuel line from fuel pump to carb and sleeved in stainless steel braid w/AN styled fittings

62) Added high quality fuel filter

63) Replaced fuel line (chromed extension) between the dual feed carb fittings

64) Replaced fuel pressure gauge on extension

65) Repainted engine compartment sides

66) Installed new cowl area cover and painted

67) Removed rust from hood hinges/supports

68) Replaced engine compartment light with LED and loomed the wire

69) Replaced fan blower rheostat

70) Replaced engine to body ground strap

71) Replaced rear ground body strap

72) Removed/cleaned/stripped paint and repainted the spare tire cover and mounting hardware…plus reconditioned the spare tire

73) Removed 2.25” exhaust/mufflers and catalytic converters and installed new 2.5” exhaust w/CAT delete, H-pipe and Magnaflow mufflers.

74) Painted exhaust system with Eastwood aluminized exhaust paint

75) Replaced all exhaust mounting/hanging hardware

76) Removed rust from headers

77) Replaced paper type (leaking) exhaust manifold gaskets with aluminum ones

78) Replaced exhaust manifold bolts

79) Removed each tire and polished the rims with Mother’s kit

80) Removed/treated rust on brake calipers /rotors…then painted

81) Replaced rear steel mono-spring with new composite type and replaced both 8” bolts/rubber pads

82) Added chrome a/c compressor cover and belt shield

83) Added chrome cap to radiator overflow bottle

84) Replaced alternator upper/lower brackets

85) Removed rust and treated the power steering coupler/area

86) Removed old faded hood stripe and installed new one

87) Cleaned and lubricated the motorized radio antenna

89) Replaced L/R window/inner felt seals & adjusted windows

90) Removed both door panels and treated rust inside the doors and lubricated the electric window mechanisms

91) Removed/cleaned/repainted the side vents behind the front wheel areas

92) Replaced the center a/c vents and the foam surrounds

93) Cleaned then treated rust “flash” under the car

94) Replaced all fuses on fuse panel with “smart fuse” type that light up when blown

95) Replaced driver’s sun visor bushing

96) Repainted radiator fan blade and treated rusted bolts

97) Adjusted hood locks and greased hood release cable

98) Replace front spoiler rubber strips

99) Replace missing transmission inspection cover

100) Calibrate fuel gauge better with appropriate inline resistor

101) Repaint oil pan with Chevy orange POR-15

102) Polish the windshield some more…still has some scratches

103) Treated entire underside with Krown rust proofing

104) Add LED string light in back [cove] area for better lighting


 Corvette “Still To Do” List:


1) Replace tires which are dated 2001

2) Install speaker/subwoofer box in back to include applicable amps. I already have [empty] speaker box...DONE 10/2017

3) Replace ratty/worn driver’s seat belt...DONE 10/2017

4) Order aftermarket [center] armrest in leather

5) Clean up/loom wiring at starter (DONE 10/2017)…install heat shield for starter

6) Replace broken passenger lighted vanity mirror light/lid

7) Replace outer window seal/rubber trim for side windows...replaced left side so far

8) Replace short rubber seals between side windows and pillars...Done 9/2017

9) Replace transmission fluid…don’t know when last changed...DONE 1/2017

10) Re-calibrate speedometer…shows a little too fast...DONE 8/2017

11) Wrap headers...DONE 10/2017

12) Replace speedo/tach cluster clear lens…small cracks at edges...DONE 10/2017


Corvette “WISH” List…Way, Way in the Future:



1) Replace carpet…include heat/noise barrier material underneath...DONE 10/2017

2) Replace carburetor with throttle body type fuel injection unit...DONE FEB. 2017

3) Repaint underside of hood

4) Tighten up front suspension with modern aftermarket parts

5) Replace interior door panels

6) Replace windshield…37 years of tiny spec’s & minor scratches


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