Installed a FiTech fuel injection system along w/their Fuel Command Center (FCC)

(This is called a "tumble finish")

The entire install took about 35-40 hours...spread out over 2 weeks/weekends

Installation took longer than normal because I did lots of looming, braided sleeve, extra care to hide wiring, etc.

Shown w/o air cleaner in first photos

...with air cleaner

Extending existing fuel pump line to Fuel Command Center

...continued...fuel line to Fuel Command Center (along inside fender)

This was step one...running positive wire from battery direct to FiTech unit's wiring harness

Comes out underneath (loomed wire you see) then threaded under car body to front

The red wire on lower/left side is the "ignition on/off" wire to trigger the FiTech system

The wire with the heat resistant sleeve is for the water temperature sensor

Controller for the FiTech unit...used mostly for programming...not needed for daily use

Oxygen sensor...will be welded in later

Fuel Command viewed from under the car, looking up

Fuel Command viewed thru left side vent hole behind front tire

Fuel Command Center...houses a high pressure fuel pump

FYI, this area was where the old fuel vapor canister used to be located.

(I'm reusing the old vapor line for the new FCC vapor line)

Rubber hoses nearby are for the washer fluid reservoir above

After reinstalling the grill vent

FYI...Fuel Command Center..."Stock Photo"

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