Here is an ongoing progression of pictures as I detailed the engine bay...

As purchased 2/2016:

After some cleaning:


After 64 [total] hours detailing over 3 month period:  (With original Air Cleaner)

(With NEW Air Cleaner)

After Fuel Injection Installation in 2/2017:   (also replaced radiator overflow bottle)

Yes, I know this is not a cold air intake...nor ram air, but it's way less restrictive than "as bought" air cleaner.

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Items done: Polished air cleaner, polished intake manifold, replaced intake manifold screws, replaced all coolant hoses and braided most of them, flushed radiator, replaced cap-n-rotor, replaced plugs and wires, removed rust, split loomed most wiring, added chrome valve covers/chrome overflow tank cover/chrome brake fluid cover/chrome AC pulley cover, replaced breather, replaced air filters, painted engine, painted engine compartment sides, replaced ac relay, replaced ground straps, added new plug wire separators, replaced blower motor w/larger unit, added fuel filter, replaced engine vacuum lines (some braided), added cowl cover, cleaned/washed radiator overflow bottle [REPLACED bottle 1/2017], replaced oil pressure sending unit, replaced water temperature sending unit, replaced oil temperature sending unit, replaced hard fuel lines, replaced fuel pressure gauge and replaced all vacuum lines at vacuum operated headlight area.  Fuel Injection in Feb. 2017