Exhaust wrap...PLUS under carriage cleaning

I've been wanting to wrap my exhaust for some time...to limit heat into engine compartment and interior (I live in S. Texas). Since I was going to be under the car anyways, I thought this would be the best time to also clean & repaint under the car.

The following is a progression of photos...starting from buying stage:

Next 2 photos provided by seller during buying phase:

The start of rust removal on headers:

After first round of rust removal...did 3 more rounds later:

After 4 sessions of rust removal, then 3 coats of high temp exhaust paint:    
(...and repainted oil pan)

"Before shots" of dirt, oil and grime...35 years, not too bad. Rust was minimal and only surface rust:

All done (after about 16 hours of work over 1.5 weeks). Includes transmission tunnel heat shield:

The extra shine/wet look is rust preventative spray that will eventually dry a little more satin:

Transmission tunnel heat shield:

Since I didn't remove the headers to wrap them (I guess I like the abuse) it took almost 8 hours to wrap both: