New Carpet...PLUS thermal barrier (...and finally installed my sub box)

The old carpet really wasn't that bad...but I wanted to put a heat barrier/shield under it (I live in S. Texas) and so it made sense to change the carpet now.

...and it begins!  Seat removal:

No money found under the seats :-(

Can't really rust under carpet, this year Corvette had aluminum floor pans:

Cleaning and sanding old glue:

Complete overkill, but I put POR-15 coating in storage area and battery compartment:

Seams/cuts in the heat shield later covered by aluminum tape:

...and the "overkill" continues. I put black POR-15 on the floor boards:

Now you can clearly see the difference between the old carpet and new:

...even put heat shield under the T-top area:

The wires are for the new subwoofer amp under the seat...which has extra room for electric seat option (which my car doesn't have):

...getting closer!

New sub box in...2 Alpine 6x9's and 10" Pioneer:

Seats are in!!!   Almost done...

I redyed the plastic seat backs & cleaned/redyed seat belts. (...& replaced carpets pieces on backside):

Gotta' do the door panel interiors while you're at it:

...including new moisture barrier plastic sheeting:

...and redye the arm rests (redyed unit is darker doeskin color)...can you say project creep?

Done !!!   Well, not quite...after seeing how nice this turned out, I went ahead and replaced the redyed seat belts (not shown in photo)...the nice interior made the seat belts look ratty.

New seat belts!

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