Technically, the fuel tank replacement, trunk painting & tail panel black out treatment were done as one continuous phase, but didn't want to load so many pictures on one page.

Removed rear bumper, valence, etc. (during tail panel black out phase)

Fairly nasty under there...but not too bad for 44 years and about 150,000 some miles

After removal of tank


How old tank looked after removal. It actually wasn't too bad...I was expecting sludge, varnished fuel deposits and such inside, it was fairly clean inside.

New tank after prepping metal to improve adhesion and then 3 coats of POR-15

After wire brushing area, some soda blasting, then about 2 rolls of paper towels to clean all oils, dust, etc...Yep, this falls into the category of "well since I already got this far, I might as well"....

This is just the first cleaning round...

I didn't remove all the original undercoating, but gave it a good wire brushing then cleaning. (Fender well areas)

After 3 coats of POR-15 on inner fender well.

After painting most areas with black engine enamel (the underside of the trunk got POR-15). Yes, some of the purists may scoff at me painting the rear end (especially since I painted over the factory markings) but, this was a 318, two barrel base Barracuda originally...I'm not too concerned to bring it back to "factory condition".

Tank re-installed

Reminder how it looked before

Wow! A working fuel gauge finally! ...hasn't worked in 10 years!

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